Missing work?

Missing work during the cold and flu season affects impoverished people with increased stressors, anxiety, and depression. Missed days mean missed pay and the additional cost of emergency care. Missed work often includes caring for a minor child when school is on break. In other words no time for rest and healing. The missed day from work often becomes a […]

Meet Gimpy!

He is a stray cat that kept hanging around the office. Apparently, he, too, needs a Fresh Start and is being fed and housed. I feel he will be around long-term and not a mere 15 months learning to get back on his feet. #fsh #learning #straycat #kitty #stray #mascot

A family in Transition

How does a single parent rebuild normalcy with a rambunctious 5-year-old? The proverb, “It takes a village to raise a child,” best explains the need for wraparound services and a community willing to help in times of struggle. Building Success from Struggle™ requires waking half an hour earlier to ensure a warm and fresh breakfast is made and eaten before […]