How Does It Work?

Fresh Start Housing, LLC is a long-term transitional housing program. It’s developed to provide a living environment dedicated to your self-sufficiency and independence; through work, savings, and skill courses.

WORK & SAVINGS: You must work a bare minimum of 40 hours a week and save 10% of your earnings into your private savings account. 

SAVINGS: Your savings will allow you to buy a mode of transportation such as a car or moped. Also, allowing you to accumulate enough money for the first, last, and a deposit on a place to live.

If you save more than 10% of your earnings, you could have enough money to put a deposit down on a home of your very own. The more you work and save during your 15-month stay will determine how many monetary goals you can reach.

SKILL COURSES: Courses are developed to fit your specific needs and conducted one-to-one. Skills taught ensure permanent solvency (no debt) and prevent homelessness. You may also learn cooking, cleaning, or other skills as needed.

Services & Amenities


  • 15-months Occupancy
  • Semi-Private Rooms
  • Qualifying Private Rooms with T.V.
  • Dignified Clean & Sober Living
  • Fully Furnished Comfortable Environment
  • 11-bed Availability.

Immersive Learning in Life & Social Skills Curriculum

  • Immersive Learning is situated and embedded in authentic environments, activities, and contexts. The idea is to provide resident students with direct experience in a work setting.
  • A concentration on major categories of social and life skills: workforce behaviors, relationships, intimacy and abstinence, personal finances, and personal safety.

Community Living

  • Secure Food Storage Lockers
  • Secure Home Access
  • Secure Room Access
  • Secure Laundry Access
  • Learning Center
  • Fully Furnished Kitchen and Amenities
  • Large Backyard with Picnic Tables
  • Community Gardening Opportunities
  • Covered Porch to Enjoy Outdoor Relaxation
  • Emergency Food Pantry

Walking Distance Community Conveniences

  • Public Commuter Buses
  • Manufacturing Employment
  • Manpower Employment Agency
  • Social Services: Court House, Trustees Office, Police Station, Social Security Office
  • Educational Access: Library, Seton Schools, Richmond High School
  • Entertainment Hot Spots: Depot District, Elstro Park, Main Street Business
  • Numerous Banking Entities
  • Grocery Shops and Restaurants