The Program

Fresh Start Housing is helping aged out foster youths, displaced impoverished youths to include young adults with mental health issues by providing meaningful benefits and services that help them grow up confident, healthy and educated. Fresh Start Housing, offers youths with long-range goals the opportunity to live in a communal setting for up to 4 years. Young adults live in the Fresh Start House where they share a common living room, kitchen, and laundry room.

  • Each resident must achieve the stability of maintaining a job.
  • Each resident will be responsible for his or her own meals.
  • Each resident will be responsible for his or her own clothing and laundry.

The ultimate goal is for our residents to develop valuable life skills while transitioning to self-sufficiency and establishing personal objectives for their future. It is the expectation of Fresh Start Housing that residents will become self-sufficient and move on to other housing arrangements within 4 years. Assistance and advice on basic life skills, education, and career choices will be available as-needed to help the residents in their transition.

Desired Overall Outcomes of Fresh Start Housing

  • Experience in living independently 
  • Knowledge of budgeting and money-management issues – learned from experience 
  • Knowledge of basic life skills information 
  • Increased sense of personal responsibility 
  • Connections to caring adults 
  • A vision of a possible positive future 
  • Connections to adult community resources 
  • Time to grow up & opportunities to “fail safely”
  • Affordable housing at discharge  
  • Option to keep furnishings
  • An opportunity to adjust to a neighborhood