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Why Choose Us

Immersive Learning

The idea is to provide residents with direct experience in a real-world setting in an authentic environment.

Personal Mentor Support

Practice sessions to enhance skill building with measurable and concrete problem-solving skills.

Bridge Service Support

Residents are encouraged to maintain current care providers to ensure a stabilized transition to independence.

Job Placement Support

We use direct connections with manufacturers in the local area that cater to our resident’s needs.

What People Say About Us

My favorite thing is the demand to save 10% of everything you make. I wish someone would have told me this 20 years ago. I will always continue saving at least 10% of my income. There was many times for the first 5 months that I thought about leaving, but after the 5 month mark something kicked in and I was determined to finish the program. I'm so glad I did. Shawn


Shawn R.


I very much like the educational atmosphere at Fresh Start Housing. I will use what I am learning here pretty much on a daily basis. Sandra is very active in the community, with that being said she goes to a lot of different events around town, I like the fact she let's me tag along!


Nick Pindell


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Information About Us

We are a Long-Term Transitional Housing Program dedicated to Adult and Community Education.


212 N. 7th St.,
Richmond, IN 47374