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I, Sandra Roussel, founded Fresh Start Housing (FSH) in 2009, a long-term transitional housing program for aged-out foster youths, the working homeless, and the disenfranchised. The program is designed to develop resilience, self-sufficiency, and fiscal commitment toward independence. I created a model that provides residents/students with an education in an authentic environment for real-world experiences, using mentorship, work, savings, and skill courses designed to enhance personal and social responsibility. The program’s success is due to the financial literacy course measured through participants’ monetary growth. Most students leave this program with over $4-13k savings in their 15-month stay to stabilize their Fresh Start.

My resume concentration in education has been in the furtherance of this housing program, from the basics of psychology and sociology into master programs in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Adult and Community Education, and even Executive Development in Public Service. The increase in drug misuse required an additional study on Opioid Drug Treatment.

A Doctor of Education in Adult and Community Education is the final step toward instructing others on emulating the methodologies, curriculum, procedures, and policies. Also, it provides instructions on replicating this program’s self-funding methods to end a reliance on grants and donations.


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