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A Family in Transition

How does a single parent rebuild normalcy with a rambunctious 5-year-old?

The proverb, “It takes a village to raise a child,” best explains the need for wraparound services and a community willing to help in times of struggle.

Building Success from Struggle™ requires waking half an hour earlier to ensure a warm and fresh breakfast is made and eaten before rushing off to meet the bus.

Having someone remember the backpack because childhood Trauma produces embarrassing effects and requires additional attention.

Having someone willing to rush to school because someone got in trouble and was sent home from kindergarten.

Having someone agree to be on an emergency babysitting list for emergencies.

Having someone willing to listen when no one else has the time or the patience to listen anymore.

Thankfully having an employer that GET’S IT! You have a child. You must leave now. I’m the ride?!! While emphasizing to this parent, they are valued even under these unusual circumstances.

How does a parent rebuild normalcy?

Through a caring community willing to make those sacrifices to maintain engagement, encouragement, empowerment, and ensure feelings of love and acceptance.

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