There is a common misconception that most homeless people are addicts or alcoholics and have been street people for a long time. Yet, homelessness is often the result of a significant life change, crisis, or catastrophic event.

People are homeless because they have lost a partner, have a medical condition, lost a job, have a mental health challenge, have recently separated or divorced, have experienced domestic or sexual abuse, and many more reasons.

Housing experts regard transitional homelessness as the most common form of homelessness, and people experiencing transitional homelessness are usually considered to be young. However, older people, children, or families are also common.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide a living environment dedicated to building success from our struggles while developing resilience, self-sufficiency, and fiscal commitment toward independence. Accomplished through mentorship, work, savings, and skill courses designed to enhance personal and social responsibility.

Our Vision is to become a preferred long-term transitional housing provider throughout Indiana and the United States.