Advice On Basic Life Skills

Assistance and advice on basic life skills, education, and career choices will be available as-needed to help the residents transition to more permanent housing.

  • Assist in obtaining an original copy of their birth certificate.
  • Assist in obtaining a social security card (and wallet to put it in).
  • Assist in obtaining a picture identification card.
  • Find out if eligible for a Medicaid card.
  • Assist in obtaining a copy of medical records.
  • Assist in opening up a bank account.
  • Teach how to write and cash a check.
  • Assist in obtaining a dentist that they can continue to use.
  • Assist in obtaining a doctor they can use when they are on their own.
  • Assist in obtaining a good counselor.
  • Assist in obtaining a better paying job.
  • Ensure an understanding of birth control.
  • Show options in shopping for food, clothing & furniture
  • Assist in how to look up resources in the phone book and online.
  • Teach how to read a map.
  • Take them on a tour of the city.
  • Teach how to use the bus system and read the bus schedules.
  • Purchase an alarm clock and teach them how to use it.
  • Assist in how to use the library & get a library card.
  • Help obtain a driver’s license and price insurance.
  • Role-play contacts with police, bank tellers, doctors & others.
  • Role-play several different styles of job interviews.
  • Assist in the development of a resume and an application fact sheet.
  • Make a list of important phone numbers.
  • Assist in how to cook five good meals.
  • Assist in how to store food.
  • Assist in how to use coupons and comparison shop.
  • Assist in how to read a paycheck stub.
  • Assist in how to use an oven and microwave.
  • Assist in how to thoroughly clean a kitchen and bathroom.
  • Take them to a session of an adult court; traffic and criminal.
  • Assist in how to obtain a lawyer and when to get one.
  • Assist in understanding a lease or rental agreement.
  • Assist in how to do their taxes.
  • Assist in how to write a letter and mail it.
  • Assist in developing good phone communication skills.
  • Go over tenant and landlord rights.
  • Assist in finding a safe, inexpensive place to live.
  • Assist in how to budget their money.
  • Assist in finding and get along with a potential roommate.
  • Speak often about feelings and going out on their own.

Community Living Area

  • Comfortable Living Furniture
  • High-speed Internet
  • Vonage Phone
  • Basic Kitchen Amenities
  • Microwave Oven
  • Laundry Room

Personal Living Quarters

  • Private or Shared Room
  • Single, Bunk or Queen Sized Bed
  • Dorm Room Sized Refrigerator (optional)
  • Cable TV Hookup
  • Dresser Drawer (optional)
  • End Table (optional)
  • Bed Linen and Comforter (optional)

Workshops Offered

  • General Cleaning
  • Understanding, Building, and Maintaining Good Credit.
  • Job Retention
  • Sewing Class
  • Beginners Cooking
  • Healthwise for Life

 General Cleaning

  • Floors & Floor Coverings
    You will learn the skills to clean floors and floor coverings.
  • Toilets & Bathroom Areas
    You will learn skills to clean the toilet and bathroom areas, understanding the importance of hygiene and cleanliness.
  • Handle & Dispose of Waste
    You will learn to handle and dispose of waste in accordance with organizational requirements, understanding the importance of disposing of waste correctly.
  • Clean and Maintain Communal Areas
    You will learn the skills needed to clean and maintain communal areas.
  • Handle, Store Cleaning Equipment and Materials
    You will learn to handle and store cleaning equipment and materials, understanding the importance to themselves and the organization of maintaining equipment in good working order.
  • Understanding, Building, and Maintaining Good Credit.
    Good credit is not just nice to have; it’s crucial for survival in today’s world. You might be surprised to discover how often your credit history influences your life. 
    • The Three C’s of Credit
    • Establishing Credit
    • Maintaining Good Credit
    • Managing Credit Issues and Concerns
    • Understanding Your Credit Report and Your Credit Score
  • Job Retention
    • Improve Your “Soft Skills”
    • Increase Your Job Retention
    • Get to Know Yourself and Your Skills
    • Getting Ahead on the Job
  • Sewing Class
    • Instruction and Training
    • Sewing Tips and Techniques.
  • Beginners Cooking
    • An Introduction to Food Handling, Identification, Safety and Sanitation
    • An overview of proper food handling while maintaining a high cleanliness environment.
    • An Introduction to Controlling Costs.
  • Basic Knife Skills and Stocks
    We will teach you basic knife skills, cutting techniques, how to take apart and use all of the kitchen equipment and how to make some basic dishes. We will then practice our knife skills and make some basic stocks, salads, and chicken dishes that will help you use what you have learned.
  • Chicken and Poultry
    We are going to explore chicken and poultry. We will go over how to bone a whole chicken, what parts are best to use for which recipes. We will teach you different cooking techniques, such as wet and dry cooking. We will also make some recipes with turkey, Cornish hens, and capons.
  • Fish and Shellfish
    We will be working with fish and seafood. We will teach you how to buy, handle and prepare different types of fish and shellfish. We will make a basic stock and sauces that compliment the dishes. We will teach you how to cook these different varieties of fish/shellfish so that they are not overcooked and dry, and what best accompanies each recipe.
  • Meat
    We will be working with different types of meat. We will teach you which type of meat you should use for each specific cooking method. We will be using beef, lamb, and pork to create some basic and delicious dishes. This class will give you some great techniques you can apply to all of your meat recipes.
  • Starch, Grains, and Vegetables
    We will be learning how to cook several types of starches and vegetables. We will be working with potatoes, rice, pasta, polenta and many different vegetables that compliment each dish. With the basic knowledge you will gain from this class you will be able to prepare any of these ingredients to bring out the natural textures and flavors in each of these products.
  • Complete Menu
    We are going to prepare a complete menu, beginning with hors d’oeuvres then soup, salad, entree, and dessert. It will be a great way to use all of the information you have gained and a good way to test your newly acquired skills. Once you have completed this class you should feel more confident with any ingredient you come across since you will have obtained the basic principles of why you should use each cooking method
  • Healthwise for Life
    • Saving Money and getting better care
    • First Aid and emergency topics, A to Z
    • Common health problems, A to Z
    • Major chronic diseases, A to Z
    • Healthy Habits, preventative care, and safety tips